Is your finance function enabling data-driven decisions?

I help CFOs with tailored Power BI solutions, simplifying data into accessible insights for strategic decision-making…

Better Insights. Bigger Profits.

Maximise the value of your business data​

Self-service reporting

Data is organised and consolidated enabling streamlined self-service reporting. Interactive reports also enable users to slice and dice data to suit their individual needs, and drill down to understand results.

Story-telling insights

The finance function is repositioned to analyse results, creating a clear link between business actions and financial performance. Historical reporting forms the foundation for forward-looking analytics and proactive business engagement.

Better business decisions

Operations managers have information at their fingertips to inform business decisions. Financial risks and opportunities are identified in advance enabling early management leading to improved business performance.

Analysis and insights at the click of a button.

Build an analytical culture through an agile Power BI environment.

Empowering your finance function to overcome the cycle of fragmented data and late reporting.

Navigating the role of a CFO can often feel like an uphill battle. Monthly cycles seem to repeat weekly, and the constant scramble to collect and consolidate data for meaningful insights feels endless. Reporting is slow, limited, and fragmented. The compromise? There are a few…

Inaccurate Decision-Making:

Fragmented, outdated data compromises decision-making, increasing financial, operational and reputational risk..

Transactional Focus and Fixed Reporting:

Complex reporting processes keep your team tied to their desk. Instead of leading, your Finance function becomes a weight holding your business back.

Reactive Culture:

Without reliable and timely data, a perpetual cycle of looking backward emerges, fueling surprise overruns and unplanned costs. Let the blame games begin.

At Pi on a Plate, Kirsty made it her mission to help CFOs and Finance Teams break free from the firefighting cycle. Using Power BI, together we can automate report collation, ensure swift access to data, and simplify accurate regular reporting.

Power BI goes beyond attractive graphs; it automates data processes, turning disparate information into a coherent narrative, helping you understand your business story before it becomes a nightmare.

Tailored Power BI Solutions to drive business performance.

My approach revolves around getting to the nuts and bolts of your business challenges, making moves that matter, and challenging the status quo.

I identify opportunities for business-focused analytical capabilities and collaborative problem-solving while implementing Power BI to support your larger Business Intelligence ecosystem.

The end game? Turning data into valuable insights that your whole organisation can understand and utilise. Because who said numbers can’t be as delightful as a slice of pi(e)?

Now, let me break it down for you…

Start with the data:

Unify data from all sources into one centralised database (Power BI).

Basic reporting and refinement:

Empower finance teams through self-service reporting and near real-time access.

Transparency and accountability:

Take out the guesswork. Know who to chase and why. No excuses from the business.

Filtering into business processes and operations:

Integrate refined insights for streamlined daily operations, optimising efficiency and informed decision-making.

How Power BI can be a game-changer for your business…