Is your finance function enabling data-driven decisions?

We help CFOs drive business performance through data analytics and insights...

Better insights. Bigger profits.

Maximise the value of your business data​

Self-service reporting

Data is organised and consolidated enabling streamlined self-service reporting. Interactive reports also enable users to slice and dice data to suit their individual needs, and drill down to understand results.

Story-telling insights

The finance function is repositioned to analyse results, creating a clear link between business actions and financial performance. Historical reporting forms the foundation for forward-looking analytics and proactive business engagement.

Better business decisions

Operations managers have information at their fingertips to inform business decisions. Financial risks and opportunities are identified in advance enabling early management leading to improved business performance.

Analysis and insights at the click of a button.

Build an analytical culture through an agile Power BI environment.

Future-proofing financial performance through the integration of people, processes, and technology.

Realise the potential of the finance function as a business leader by blurring the lines between IT, the business, and finance.

The creation of a team that is able to integrate these key aspects of the business will accelerate responsiveness to changing environments and therefore stabilise profits and provide early warning of potential erroneous results.

Pi on a Plate builds the capabilities that are the foundation to an efficient, proactive, business-focused finance team.


Uplift internal capability to build a proactive, analytical function that is able to tell a story from business data.


Eliminate low-value add tasks preventing resources from focusing on insights and business partnering.

Business Intelligence

Integrate and analyse data in a single source of truth, without being bound by traditional system constraints.

Traditional ‘big bang’ implementations are replaced with a sustainable in-house capability uplift.

Coaching programmes tailored to your specific needs.

Coaching pathways are uniquely designed to build an internal Business Intelligence capability in Finance.

Automation, data modeling, and analytics are built as a bi-product (pun intended) of practicing those skills in your business environment.


Review a new skill in 10 minutes a day via the training portal.


Skills are practiced on real-life business problems & processes.


Submit mini-projects for expert review and feedback.


Access coaching and support channels to resolve challenges.

Why choose a done-with-you business intelligence coaching programme?